Tienda 473

Photography for Sale: to benefit eStudio 473 Art workshops!

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Gallery One: Looking inward, Looking upward – A collection of images of the spaces that convey the history of the convent as well as signify the presence of everyday life. For me, the place seemed to embody a symbiotic relationship of cloying nostalgia and intense hopefulness and light. These images are my attempt at capturing these strange bedfellows “in action”.

Gallery Two:  En la calleA hodge podge of imagery that embodies the colorful cityscape and culture that is Guanajuato

Gallery Three:  Dia de Los Muertos – These images were all made with a lens baby.  I love the lens almost as much as I hate the name.  Regardless, this was absolutely one of the most magical days I have experienced in Mexico so far.  Which is saying something, because Mexico is full of surprises.  It was a monday afternoon and we drove out of the city and into the mountains, to a town called Sangre de Cristo.  The graveyard was brimming with families, vendors and….life, actually.  As the sun set, the air was thick with that familiar electricity of the fall and an energy common to any country fair.  Then, with the western sky solidly pink and orange, an enormous, butter-yellow, full moon rose into the sky just beyond the walls of the graveyard.  The proportions so extreme that it felt more like a child’s painting or Tim Burton still than reality.  What a day…

Gallery Four: Lomojuato A series of images made with my trusty rusty Holga over last summer’s trip.  Some are double exposures and some were shot from the back of my friend Fabian’s moto on my very last morning in Guanajuato. We drove  and drove, all around the Panaromica and up to the mines…I barely made my flight.

If you are interested in purchasing prints.  Here are the sizes and prices.  Send an email with your choices and we can discuss delivery and payment options depending upon your location!

Print Pricing and Size options:

Print Prices:

  • 5×7 – $20/200 pesos
  • 8×12 – $30/300 pesos
  • 11×16 – $40/400 pesos

Gallery wrapped Canvas Prints:

  • 11×16 – $125USD
  • 16×24 – $200 USD

Pay for your print: 

Please send an email with your size preference, image title and address.  Shipment or delivery can be arranged.


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  2. Tamara King on said:

    wow…..i love what you all are doing……

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