Volunteer with us! 

If you are visiting the city of Guanajuato and would like to volunteer with eStudio 473 at the Buen Pastor. Here are some of the ways in which one can join us to continue to develop and provide this learning environment for the girls of the Buen Pastor, based upon your amount of available time: 

2 weeks – 4 weeks: 

Open Library & Board Games: Spend a few hours in the afternoons reading out loud or supervising quiet reading time with small groups of the girls. Or pull out the board games and math manipulative to help play and learn.

Participate in an Art Workshop: Our volunteer staff will occasionally run 1-2 session Art Workshops for Adults. All proceeds will benefit eStudio 473 & The Buen Pastor. 

Garden work: The grounds and garden are a beautiful aspect of the Buen Pastor that we like to be a part of as well as to include the girls in this process. Help in the garden is always a need. 

Studio Work & Up keep:  The studio is in constant use and therefore needs constant attention and care. Those volunteers that are just passing through are always welcome to help us re-stock and maintain the space. 

8 weeks – 3 months:

Library & Board Games

Garden Work

Support a workshop: For those of our artists and educators that volunteer with us for a minimum of 6 weeks and have intermediate to advance level Spanish, we welcome you to apply to support a 2-3 week long workshop. Please click here to fill out an application to assist one of our lead teachers in a workshop.

Lead a Workshop: After supporting at least one workshop, if an Artist feels comfortable and there is time in the girls schedule, it is possible for the artist to lead a workshop in their specialty with the support of one of our teachers. 

Special Projects & Structural Improvement:  After working on site and creating relationships with the girls and staff, if a volunteer sees a possible improvement or project that he or she would like to organize, we are always open to new ideas and will do everything we can to support any progress that is appropriate and possible. We only ask that the volunteer be prepared to manage the task through to its completion.

PR & Fund Raising Assistance:  For those of our volunteers that are designers or from the marketing/promotions and business world, we are always in need of extra hands in developing and maintaining this component for both eStudio 473 & for The Buen Pastor. 

Email us at estudio473@gmail.com to receive an application and more information about current projects and volunteering opportunities. 

University of Guanajuato Students – Servicio Social: 

Each Semester eStudio 473 will interview and welcome four students to our volunteer staff. The studio is stocked with necessary materials for most projects and there is a small budget that allows for specific needs for special projects. We encourage that each applicant have in mind both preferred media and project proposals for the interview. Previous classroom experience is not required but it is a strong benefit. More importantly, we look for those with a solid interest in education, an understanding of the benefits of creative thinking and a letter of reference. Your experience working in eStudio 473 will be an enriching and fulfilling experience professionally and personally. You will learn and benefit from the opportunity to share and create with the girls. But it is a commitment. The students are committed and expecting teachers that are equally enthusiastic that they can rely upon to arrive and teach every week.

 The position requires that the individual is dedicated to leading one class and supporting one class each week. Attendance and promptness is expected for completion of your service requirement. Your service will amount to between 4-6 hours per week. This includes planning, occasional meetings with other staff and teaching hours. Planning is encouraged as well as documentation of your experiences and reflection upon how ideas and new techniques were taught and learned. This serves you in the moment and in the future. Those that complete their service period with excellent attendance, establish good relationships with their students and document all lessons taught in a professional portfolio presentation will receive certification for intense service and will be provided with letters of recommendation for work involving arts, community and education. 

Conversely, those whom are unable to uphold their commitment to the time of their workshops, are unable to interact appropriately and develop good relationships with their students and other volunteers will not retain the position and therefore will not receive credit. This information will be passed on to the coordinators on the University staff so that the student is responsible for finding and completing another social service project for the specified semester. 


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