Ending and beginning on a Good Foot!

This December we were incredibly lucky to welcome a group of 13 artists from Los Angeles to complete a grand project of their’s, the Buen Pastor Mural Project.

These artist’s started to plan, share ideas and begin the fund-raising process to come to Guanajuato to work with the girls of the Buen Pastor as well as the people of the general public in Guanajuato to create two murals. They worked incredibly hard to make this venture a reality. The two week’s time that they spent with us at the Buen Pastor was an incredible experience for the girls. New relationships were created in the process of learning many new techniques in drawing and painting. But perhaps the most important and invaluable lessons we learned, were learned through observation and example. The value of collaborative creativity and investing your time, energy and knowledge in others. And then there is our classroom…….WOWSA! It has been a total transformation. We are starting 2012 with a dream classroom!

An addition to all of this positivity we were invited to participate in a collective exhibition of children’s artwork at the University of Guanajuato. Along with our friend Paola and her art classes and a group of children from a community in Guanajuato that I have been working with in a photography workshop, we exhibited various works and our mural.

In addition to the mural project, several of the LA artists clan worked with me to run a Muskoka/eStudio 473/Las Fotos, photography mini-workshop. Another group of the artists joined me in the community to run the Photoshop component with the kids.

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