There is no place like home…

And yet perhaps home is not a place at all…

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Here are some beautiful projects with wonderful content behind them! At the end of last semester the girls dove into to a print-making project utilizing disguarded styrofoam as our bases. The theme behind the imagery was Home, Hogar. We discussed the differences between the meaning of home and a house, hogar vs. casa. We talked about the interesting situation the girls have, living in two (or more) spaces on a regular basis. I asked them to reflect on their time and interaction with both places and to think about where and when they feel like they are home. And what does that feeling actually mean for each of them individually. We then drew the spaces, the details that make up this feeling of home. We transferred the drawing onto styrofoam and played with printing the image over and over, with different colors and amounts of paint to see how the image changed each time. Then the girls learned about the process of making paper. This is a technique and investigation that we will continue at the Buen Pastor as we develop our paper-making studio. The two were combined and shipped off to New York City for an art show held by Givology. A wonderful organization that works to create and support educational opportunities of all kinds to children through the world. The show was a tremendous success, from the money raised we are renovating our new studio space, each artist is receiving her own set of tools and materials for the first time for these workshops. Also, we are continuing to develop of afterschool free choice program with new, problem-solving and creative games and toys. Lastly, we are very excited for each student artist to receive her individual earnings from the art show to select and purchase her own books (to take home with her!)

Lots of other exciting news coming. Sorry for the silence. There has been more change than usual these past few months. Looking forward to sharing it all with you soon. Also should be seeing some changes here to the actual structure of the site soon.

Speaking on the subject of Home…something that I am personally very centered around and yet confounded by the definition at times, Art 21 of PBS is an incredible program and you can watch/download the show directly from their site. Take a look at this lesson plan idea entitled “Home and Displacement”. Interestingly enough one of the artist featured is Do-ho Suh, whose work I had the pleasure of experiencing at an exhibition back in my other home, St. Louis this past August, at the Pulitzer, the show was actually called Dreamscapes and it was an impressive collection of work and artist across genre, media and time. This is the piece that I saw in person, I have included a few more pieces as well. Each links to something or other….have fun exploring the work and learning about him. I have been reinspired by this lesson plan concept and his artwork to utilize our casita in some mother-daughter art therapy workshops I will be conducting with the families of the Buen Pastor in the coming months.

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