Visits from abroad and field trips on the horizon

This month we completed and hung our interactive mural on the playground! After completing all of our forrest characters and writing short bios about them, we now have a box of great “story-starters” in the form of a little book, the characters themselves, and heaps of chalk for drawing and writing new stories on the back side of the mural.

To unveil our new piece we had two exhibitions, one to share our work (as well as the Plastic-scapes and Photo series about consumption), and to show-off a few of our Cooperative Games & Team Building activities. One night we shared all of this with their families and a special guest, Madre Armelle, who came all the way from France and serves as the “Consejo General” of the congregation. To see a bit more on this check out the Buen Pastor blog.  The following evening we invited members of the public to what we called an “Open House & Meet the Artists”.

Currently, we have been on vacation for Semana Santa and Pascua. But here are some samples of our current projects that we have cooking: The oldest girls have created their personal flags made through the same process of ironing the plastic bags into one fused, thicker material. This week we will use our sewing machine (yahoooie!!!!), on loan from Madre Lourdes to stitch the flags together onto the roof of our casita. Also, we will review our business plans and market research for our bag project. Each girl was given a small drawing pad with an outline of questions and investigations into how to design her own “perfect” bag. We hope to finish the casita this week and decide upon colors and materials needed for this next project so that we can actively collect bags and materials like bottle tabs, soda tabs and bike chains to name a few ideas they have discussed. As up until now we have purely made due with whatever we had. Luckily the word is spreading and we have several individuals bringing us more recyclable materials.

The other projects, the mixed-media paintings are finally completely and we are ready to add features and details to our masks. Also this week we will begin to play with print-making with styrofoam and cardboard.

Thanks to our volunteer co-teacher Maggie, we are partnering with a wonderful organization, Givology,
to raise money for the large expense of school uniforms! The prints we make will travel to New York City this summer! After practicing our printing techinques we will move on to making paper!!! I pick up our frames and blender today. And we have QUITE the collection of paper waiting to be reduced to pulp and transformed into something new and beautiful!

Other exciting news on the horizon: Field Trip to the country-side!

To celebrate Dia del Niño, the girls and a slew of volunteers and I will soon be trekking out to Lori and Dan’s oasis in Tajo de Adjuntas. Lori is actually the personal that originally connected me to the Buen Pastor and has been offering her acupunture services to the women and children for more than 7 years now. This month we hope to travel out to Tajo for the day to enjoy and learn a bit about the naturaleza, betweening swimming, making Papyrus, a nature scavenger hunt and making hand-made, wood-oven pizza it should prove to be a pretty amazing day! Wish you could join us! In fact if you are in Guanajuato and are interested in joining, volunteering for the day, please email me:

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One thought on “Visits from abroad and field trips on the horizon

  1. The murals look wonderful. I enjoyed watching the girls painting the trees in February and it’s so nice to see everything coming together so well.

    Congratulations on getting them done.


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