Returning to “Retratos”

So, with the impending deadline of our Adobe Youth Voices project, we had to set aside progress on our self-portrait project.  Inspired by the work and process of famous, North American artist Chuck Close, we have been working on creating our own version of a portrait constructed of squares. To bring you up to speed,  I am reposting pics from the first class, as well as some from the second and third class (in Photoshop) and then this, our fourth class focusing on this project.  However, although we are in fact finished with our self/group portrait…I will not be posting photos of it this week.  As I do not want to spoil the surprise for all of you who will be able to attend our show this Thursday, at 7pm at Buen Pastor! I will post images of both the artwork and the event after the big event, I solemnly swear to it.


Class One:

{Introduction to the artist and his process. Step 1: Self-portrait with cameras, tri-pods and shutter release}


Class Two & Three:

{Photoshop Elements: Basic exploration of tools and adjustments – to create 6 squares (all with different appearences/adjustments)


Class Four:

{Choose two squares that you find to be the most interesting visually. Using the same process, create squares on your image and then on your piece of wood, choose colors and PAINT!}

The girls were so involved in their work that many of them skipped dinner and didn’t complain about my music being to mellow like the usually do.

Luz opts to drop all suggestions of herself other than her eye.  She decides to go with mysterious and ominous…ironically, these qualities are nowhere to be found in the Luz that we know and love!

Danéli used a great posterizing effect that she expertly recreated in her painting!

Kasandra missed out on the stencil class and was totally upset about it.  She has asked me at every chance possible to borrow the spray paint.  So this was our opportunity to satisify the starved grafitti artist in her.  Using the stencil to create strands of hair, she used acrylic for background and details, and the ever-loved aerosol (which I still cannot correctly pronounce) for the hair.  This pic is great also because it shows how the girls are often dressed while we work – in their PJ’s and their chucks!

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