Shout Outs!

And now for the shout outs!  So much support has come from people both near and far and I want to be sure to thank you all. So… the words of Grover, “Near……………………Far”, here we go:

Near: We recently had an incredible celebration at Zilch to raise funds and awareness of eStudio 473, Adobe Youth Voices and Buen Pastor.  Numerous local artists of a variety of media donated their performance and presence and a great showing of local businesses donated to the raffle.

Recientemente tuvimos un gran evento en nuestra bar favorita por música en vivo, Zilch.  Fue un éxito. Muchas negocias y artistas de Guanajuato donaron sus tiempo y servicios a ganar fundos por eStudio 473, Adobe Youth Voices y las niñas de Buen Pastor. Zilch también, donó 10% de sus beneficios de la noche. Quisiéramos a decir muchícimas gracias a todas las individuales y negocias que nos dieron apoyo.

We would like to thank the following artists : ¡Gracias a artistas de Guanajuato!

Michael Serevans

Kent Evans – autor y musico, Tony Cohan – autor, Inés Ferrero Cárdenas y Brenda Cardona – poesia y obra de teatro, Itana Karmen – tribal fusión bellydance, Michael Luchtan – musico, Jeff Furchtenicht , Rodrigo Murillo – musicos, Alain Gruenwald – Musician, Carlos Tok – musico, Michael Severens – musico y coordinación y promociónes, Alejandra Uranga – danza con fuego, Pia Siliceo y Josué Fonseca – musicos, Javel, Chilaquil y Grillo – los DJ’ fantasticos, Natalie Beisel- fotografía del evento and Michael James Wright – 6 palabras proyecto – fotografia.

Kent Evans

Jeff Furchtenicht  & Rodrigo Murillo

Inés Ferrero Cárdenas y Brenda Cardona

Alejandra Uranga

Maya – critically acclaimed for her small-scale portraits

Remy (maya’s “little” sister) who like this picture, is far from little….is incredibly bright, often loud and large in spirit!

We would like to thank the following local businesses : ¡Gracias a negocios locales!

Antik Cafe, Café Atrio, Capellina Restaurante, El Corcho de Baco, El Fusilado, La Garrita, El Medi, Santo Café, Centro Holistico, Adriana Itzel, Lori Wilson, La Escuela Mexicana, Itana Karmen, The Bike Station, El Chichimeca, Chik’le, Iik, Jati, Octavio Augusto Mendez Sanchez and Claudia Hernández Ascencio

The Raffle!  ¡La Rifa!

Bre is the lucky winner of a week’s worth of Spanish classes at Escuela Mexicana! I am SO jealous…

Ultimately, we are are grateful for the assistance and organizational & promotional magic of our great friend, Julie Foley!

The final product of our Cinco de Mayo fiesta at Zilch…

…..was quite impressive.  Not only did we raise funds for the workshops at Buen Pastor, we connected with several great local artists that will begin working collectively on a few projects as 473 Colectivo, one of them being Michael James Wright who contributed his time, energy and technical-creative expertise to actualize my bizarre  6 Words – Photobooth Project. Because, I was obviously too busy at the painting and printing “station”….making children think I might devour them….seriously, look at this photo!  I mean….wow, right?

{this is karma. i feel it important to share ridiculous and unflattering photos of myself since i frequently incriminate my friends….}

This mural was made collaboratively by participants both young and old!  Inspired by St. Louis based Artist, Peat Wolleager. Because Peat is a master of all things collaborative, processual and most importantly, FUN! Check out his Collab-o-mask project!

Far: We are so grateful for all of the support that we have continuously received from friends residing North of the border!

I know the following list lacks the appeal of imagery…but, it is as, if not more important to include these wonderfully generous people who have come out of the woodwork from across the US to show their support for a program that is not a part of their immediate (geographic) community. We appreciate your interest and your investment!

Donors: Bob and Barb Suberi, Stanley and Shelly Zurosky, John Oakes, Christine Knox, Brian Wiegert, Tony Esterly, The Killeen Family, Mary Kay Nolan, Cheryl Buress, Kathy Bowles & friends, Denny Clancy and the working stiffs of the Post-Dispatch, Zach Thenhaus and Jessica Thompson, Skate Buckles and Matt Thenhaus, Beth Thenhaus, Adam and Rhonda Andrews, Irene Jones, Sarah Jones, The Sullivan Gang, John Joern, Rob Hagan and Kathy Umphleet.

Also, thank you to Salt of the Earth for selling prints in their dowtown and Webster’s Groves location to support us, as well as the countless folk who have purchased prints from Tienda 473.

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One thought on “Shout Outs!

  1. Auint Pat on said:

    Hi Katie, I finnally an on E-mail and learning how to navigate. Thanks to your moms’ patience.You seem to have definitly found another interesting place for all your many talents, Thanks for sharing them with us.Love&Blessings in all that you do,Aunt Pat

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