Belated Gratitude…

{Lo siento a ustedes que no hablan Inglés pero nos dieron sus apoyo.  Esta mensaje es para ustedes también. Solamente, quisiera decir que estoy muy emocionada a conocer mas de ustedes y lo aprecio su apoyo con eStudio 473. Por favor, miren el video mas abajo, porque lo tiene un mensaje para ustedes.}

My friend Brenda and my Aunt Joan are vastly different in most ways.  Age, religion, tattoos, probably political and world views….however they have one impressive quality in common.  One quality that would make Miss Manners proud.  Both of them handle the small details in social situations that are immensely important, and yet so easily overlooked or forgotten.

Every year for as long as I can remember I have received a birthday card from my Aunt Joan.  On face value this doesn’t signify any great act of kindness….however, factoring in the sheer size of my family and it’s exponential growth patterns – the Clancy’s could be their own city…seriously, this small act is transformed into a year-round dedication.  It is a small thing, just a card in the mail.  But there 34 cousins and I estimate she has twenty-something grandchildren now, add seven brothers and sisters, seven son and daughter in laws…..not to mention her friends.  I have often wondered how many cards she actually writes in a year, in a week? Hallmark should offer a punch card to regular customers like her.  And to my dear friend Brenda, who also just sent me an email reminding me to send her my address her in Mexico so that I can receive my birthday card on time.  I am not blabbering about this to hint that my birthday is approaching (although it is, June 24th in case anyone is interested in joining me to celebrate my last year in my twenties…yikes). I am actually writing to show my appreciation to everyone who has taken the time to support us, to help us get our “legs”.  And to recognize that the strength I see in Brenda and Joan is partially about thoughtfulness and partially about organization.  Thank you cards are something that we all joke about.  The process is daunting before you dive in.  Which is why my friend Erin told me that the thank you cards for her wedding, from years ago, are still sitting on a shelf in her closet. Whispering little messages of guilt and shame, fighting for her attention with the dress that almost still fits. “Five more pounds. When is that going to happen?”  “Ummmm hello, your uncle Lenny would love to know that the food processor is a culinary dream and you are eternally GRATEFUL!!!!”

The funny thing is, is that we are grateful!  The lack of willpower to write the darn things and put them in the mail is not a sign of a lack of appreciation necessarily, it is just allowing other things in life to take presedence. Which is exactly what I have done for the past month.  In addition of course, to putting all of your donations of equipment, supplies and cash to great use!

On a serious note, I do think of all of you almost daily, and even moreso on Wednesdays and Thursdays, during and after class.  Because what we are doing is just so cool…I wish you could see how excited the girls are when they are using the cameras, and when we are working on the computers learning Photoshop and now Blender (a 3-D animation software that was also donated to the girls by two local 3D animators and educators, Octavio and Claudia).  Their enthusiasm and appreciation for the opportunity to learn, play and create is what I wish I could capture in a bottle and mail personally to each of you that has stepped up to the plate to make this actually happen.  This is as close to that as I could manage.  Watch this, it is for you.

Watch this, it is for you! ¡Mirenlo, es para ustedes!

[VIMEO 12355841]

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