DF = Inspiration

The week before we started the workshop I took a trip to DF with my friend Carlos, another Photographer.  It was my first time visiting Mexico City and it was incredible!  We stayed in a wonderfully dingy hotel…Hotel Juarez.  It was in an alley just a block away from the zocalo where the city government had recently installed a Pista de Hielo (ice skating rink).  I was warned repeatedly of the dangers the city presents and was half expecting to get mugged at any moment.  Thankfully the most action we had was with a few curious bums that watched me taking pictures of my new toy, my only souvenir from the trip appropriately was a dumpster diving find.

My friend Ileana Ortega is a fabulous painter and is currently working towards a Masters degree at Yale.  She is the first Mexican woman to ever be admitted to the program.  Needless to say, she is a rock star and has shown her work extensively here in Mexico.  Some of her work was included in a massive show curated by FONDO.   We went to this show as well as a great photography exhibit of portraits from Manuel Alvarez Bravo’s collection.  It was amazing to see actual prints by artists like Tina Modotti and Graciele Iturbide as well as unknown artists capturing great family portraits and then the endless regal shots of all of Mexico’s generals, revolutionaries and politicians.  Lastly, we went to Casa Azul, the home and studio of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.  It was incredible to be surrounded by her belongings…her paint brushes and her books….and her bed and body cast.

The trip kept extending itself, one more day, “porque no?” In the end, I came home after 4 days and nights, with several notebook pages full of names of contemporary Mexican Artists, hundreds of photos, a feeling like I had just sat with Frida herself and a lovely Rocking Dog…

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